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Bomves 6″ Mini Chainsaw Cordless, Make your Life and Work Easier

Cordless Mini Chainsaw

  • Mini Chainsaw: Ergonomic lightweight mini chainsaw. The mini chain saw adopts updated chip technology and high-quality gear design to ensure smooth cutting.

  • Rechargeable Battery: mini chainsaw It is equipped with two 2 pieces of 24V-2000MAH rechargeable batteries.

  • Multiple Safety Protections.

  • Widely Used: It can be used for general tree trimming, garden art, and shrub trimming, as well as for forest harvesting, wood cutting, and other activities. 

  • Easy to operate: There is no traditional need to twist screws, 6 simple steps to solve the trouble of replacing the chain. It is suitable for women and the elderly. Long-term use will not feel tired.


Our Customers Say

I bought this little chain saw to help prune tree branches that we larger that what my pruning shears could handle. I have been very pleased with it! First of all, the chainsaw came in a nice hard plastic case. Inside were 2 batteries, a charging cord, an extra chain, and gloves and safety Eyewear. Impressive! The chainsaw itself is easy to use and good call on the safety Eyewear. Glad I had those when the time came! I have already used this multiple times and have been happy with each use.


I am very impressed with this economical mini chain saw. I bought it to trim some dead and low hanging tree branches. It easily cut through branches 4″ to 5″ thick. I used it for about 90 minutes and the battery didn’t weaken. The saw comes in a hard plastic case with 2 batteries and a charger, gloves, adjustable eye protection and a replacement chain and tools. It even has a little oil bottle. The only thing negative is the instructions that come with it, especially to replace the chain, could be written more clearly. All and all, a great little saw for tree and shrub trimming.


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